Tigerfloc Flocculant Belts

Tigerfloc Flocculant Belts

Tigerfloc flocculant belts are the perfect choice for sediment control when dealing with passive water treatment on construction sites. These Tigerfloc flocculant belts are used in exactly the same way as the other flocculant belts, but have the advantage of working 50% better, under all water temperatures and pH, and not only remove the turbidity in waste water, but also help remove heavy metals, hydrocarbons, and glycols.

Sediment Control Uses: Placed in water flow where turbidity, heavy metals, or hydrocarbons exist to accelerate particle deposition (i.e. sediment ponds, swales, pumped water).

Product Description: Sewn nylon mesh with four, ½ lb. sealed pouches of Tigerfloc inserted along the flocculant belt length. Nylon loop at top for attachment ease to hooks, carabiners, string, etc. For optimal performance maintain Tigerfloc belt wet at all times.

Approximate Dimensions: 36” (L) x 5.5” (W) x 2” (H)

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All Tigerfloc Belts are manufactured by Floc Systems Inc.