Property Assessments

Property Assessments

All-Terrain Consulting specializes in developable area and property feasibility studies, and has been working hand-in-hand with property owners, realtors, and developers in the Vancouver area over the past few years to help determine the developable area on properties where environmental contraints such as watercourses, sensitive wildlife habitat, wetlands, or forested areas are present.

To illustrate to the developer how to maximize the developable area on their property and the steps they will need to go through in able to obtain the necessary approvals, we provide detailed property feasibility reports outlining all planningenvironmental, and engineering issues associated with the subject property.

The advantage for a property seller to get a developable area and property feasibility study: the report gives the seller the property background and its highest and best land use, allowing them to get full value for their property (at its current and/or potential future value).

The advantage to the property buyer to get a developable area and property feasibility study done on the property: the report gives the buyer assurance that the property information being offered is accurate, and eliminates the risk of unknown issues concerning the subject property (whether environmental, zoning, etc.)

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